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Scottie's doesn't "grind" stumps we completely remove them.

Scottie's views stump grinding as a quick and easy way to make a buck. Grinding the stump simply creates a hidden problem just below the surface where injury, potential growth, and food for termites still exists.

If you are you looking to:
1) Eliminate the possibility of injury to yourself, guests, and pets (especially horses) from the remains of an unseen stump just below the surface
2) Eliminate the possibility of continued growth
3) Eliminate the food source for termites
then you want your stump(s) "ERASED FROM EXISTENCE"

The pictures below show the stump removal process on the 3/4 acre property which will serve as Scottie's base of operations.
















"Click Here" to view the end result of the stump removal operation at Scottie's base of operations!

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