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Let me discuss the past first.

In order for me to provide you a clear understanding of my decision making process I would first like to inform you that Scottie's has existed in the past. When I was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Co in the 1990's I began Scottie's Decks, Fences, and Sprinklers. Scottie's was amazingly successful and by my volunteering for hardship tours, which to those who don't know, are 1 year unaccompanied tours, I was able to attach a guaranteed follow on assignment to those tours returning me to Fort Carson. I volunteered 2 times but the 3rd time was not a "charm". When my orders were published I made the decision to work towards retiring out of Fort Rucker, AL as a UH60 Blackhawk Helicopter Flight Instructor.

As my permanent change of station (PCS) drew closer I had no choice but to sell Scottie's. I had a commercial property located on Austin Bluffs Parkway, my truck, hoards of equipment, and a client list overflowing with satisfied customers. I had been sponsoring the Colorado Spring Sky Sox for quite some time. The Sky Sox are Colorado's Triple A baseball organization. What I had negotiated with the Sky Sox was the right to park my Scottie's truck at the entrance to the stadium as well as an advertisement spot in the program. I announced that I was selling the business through word of mouth and almost immediately I found a buyer. In order to validate my story I would like you to view the pictures below. If there are those that still question its authenticity I would be glad to dig through my archive of "before" and "after" pictures and upload them to this site.

The original Scotties business card 

The picture below is the Scottie's company truck before I began transforming it. I single handedly built the whole truck except for the lengthening of the drive shafts. I simply did not have the correct equipment to lengthen them safely.

The Scottie's company truck before being transformed!

The original Scottie's Company Truck

The original Scottie's Company Truck

The original Scottie's Company Truck

The original Scottie's Company Truck

The original Scottie's Company Truck

The next two pictures are of the Scottie's company truck parked outside the entrance to the Colorado Springs Sky Sox stadium. I am sure you might be saying that I could have illustrated the stadium better but as you will read in the next chapter of my story I never expected or anticipated that I would be resurrecting Scottie's. The pictures you are seeing I was able to find after having been archived for over 15 years.

The original Scottie's Company Truck parked outside the Colorado Springs Sky Sox stadium entrance

The original Scottie's Company Truck parked outside the Colorado Springs Sky Sox stadium entrance

The original Scottie's motto "Precision Work By Men Of Steel"

Let me now discuss the present

The paragraphs below discuss why I restarted Scottie's in Florida. I sold that client list along with the business but not the name. After 33 years; in February of 2024 I will be retiring from flying helicopters. Being a 27 year ADS Retired Veteran, my wife of over 30 years and I wanted to remain in Texas and live near a military post. Wichita Falls, TX is a perfect fit. We purchased vacant land off of FM 1954 and will be relocating our Ranch in McAllen, TX where I worked as a Federal Air Interdiction Agent to the new property. Over the coming months we will be landscaping our property. We will landscape the property from bare land to Picture Perfect. If you want to watch our progress email or call Scottie's for our address. Scottie's will be taking videos and pictures chronologizing our progress.

What served as the catalyst for Scottie's Lawn Care, Landscaping,and Lot Clearing?

Originally I had planned to work doing what I truly wanted to do without concern for income being that the income generated from retirement provided my financial security. Additionally, I have a great deal of money invested in equipment. To complement the equipment I have a vast array of hand tools as well as all of the accessories one would expect to go along with the hand tools. I was not looking to open up my own business knowing of the additional work that goes along with the ownership of a company. I was wanting to augment existing companies working for them as an independent contractor. This approach would allow me to create outstanding products for their customers without the paperwork. To me that was an amazing deal. I would use my own tools, be contracted for a project, deliver a superior product and get paid. I would then move on to the next assignment. The effect I would have on the company that contracted me was to bring them recognition and praise. Simple right? Not so simple.

I reached out to three of the larger companies in the region. The companies were based out of Santa Rosa Beach, Niceville, and last but not least right here in Freeport, FL. The reception I received was luke-warm to begin with but after interacting with them I was left asking myself questions. The questions were: What gives them the right to behave with such a pompous attitude? How do they continue finding work with such a disdain for their customers? and lastly; Where was the personal pride in their everyday operations? Concisely put I drew three conclusions. The conclusions were: 1) word of mouth business appeared to be non-existent; 2) A desire for return business on projects other than basic lawn care was non-existent; and 3) I had to take charge and pledge to give customers what they deserve: Professionalism, Promptness, Proficiency, Passion, Pride, Perfection (at a minimum the desire for), and Piece of Mind. I will not be complacent and have my standards compromised. The future is clear. As was the case with the Phoenix, Scottie's will rise from the ashes. Scottie's will not be constructing decks, fences (fencing), or burying sprinkler lines this time around but nonetheless my experience with the work Scottie's is offering is deep seeded.

In short, it was my impression of the three companies that uncovered the need and served as the impetus for me to launch Scottie's for a second time. Is it possible my impression was wrong? Yes it is possible. Regardless, Scottie's has arrived. Scottie's has the right attitude. Scottie's is well equipped. Scottie's is ready to commence work. Concisely, Scottie's is ready to "make lawn care great again".

Please do your part and help Scottie's "make lawn care great again" by giving us a call today!

Give Scottie's a call at 850-333-9075 

I have received several emails asking to see the work I have done in the past. What I have found so far can be seen New Animated GifHERE! If I run across more examples I will upload them as well under a different link.

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