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 23 November 2008

Below is a video produced by The Command Team of the 2-291st AVN REGT
This video was approved for public distribution by LTC Tom Jessee.

This is an outstanding video produced at the highest level.
The file is 221mb's in size.  It will take some time to download this video and unlike the SIAC videos
which are purely for fun and not meant to be saved I would highly recommend saving this to your hard drive.
To Save this Video as well as any others videos on this site simply:  "Right Click" and then click on "Save Link As"

Company video approved for public distribution (50MB's)
Lt. Acevedo producer

Ongoing Company Video  (30MB's)
Lt. Acevedo producer

The B.U.B Video (65MB's)
Staring Lt. (Half Dollar)  Burke / Videographer Lt. Acevedo

SIAC Uncovered (35MB's)
Not worthy of production recognition

SIAC Tragedy (35MB's)
The production value is as tragic as the story

SIAC Tragedy disclosed as Misinformation (35MB's)
My calling this a video could be construed as Misinformation

SIAC Blooper Video that I was strong-armed into publicizing (10MB's)
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