AmandaScott's plan to gouge her Mother

AmandaScott's goal is to save $100 by the time I return.
In an effort to achieve this goal she created a list of fees for chores.
I decided to publish the list.
Please note the special use of ACRONYMS

Chore Degree of Severity Fees
Basic Allowance for Being an Angel BABA BABA=5.00
Garbage Emptying 1 Full Bag  (FB) / 1 Full Bag coupled with items that won't fit into the bag making it a Hassle to get to the dumpster (FBH) FB= .75  FBH=1.00
Bathroom Cleaning General Cleaning  (GC)  / GC to include Bathtub (GCB) / 
GC cleaning to include Toilet (GCT)  /  General Cleaning to include Bathtub and Toilet (GCBT)
GC= .50 GCB= .80
GCT=.80  GCBT= 1.50
Bed Making Making Mommy's Bed (MMB)  /  Making My Own Bed (MMOB) MMB= .75 MMOB=.25
General House Cleaning GHC GHC=1.00
Dusting D D=.50
Vacuuming V V=1.00
Walking the Dog WTD WTD=.60
Washing the Dishes Washing of the Dishes Small Pile  (WDSP)  /  Washing of the Dishes Large Pile  (WDLP) / 
Washing of the Dishes after a Period of Neglect  (WDPN)
WDSP= .50 WDLP=.75 
WDPN=  2.00
Fluffing Pillows FP FP=.15
Cleaning My Room CMR CMR=.50
Cleaning My Closet CMC CMC= .75
Getting Mommy Water GMW GMW=.25
Getting Mommy Anything Other Than Water GMAOTW GMAOTW= .30

In order to balance out the monies being paid to AmandaScott I implemented some control measures

Deductions for Misbehavior
Type Degree of Severity (based upon her Mother's reaction)
1=Eye-Balling 2=Finger pointing 3= Explicative Uttered  
(A raised voice applies to all degrees of severity since that is common and no additional penalty is assessed)
Pouting   1=.25  2=.30  3=.40
Unacceptable Body Language   1=.30  2=.40  3=.50
Running Off   1=.40  2=.45  3=.55
Storming Off as opposed to Running Off
(Foot Stomping Required)
  1=.60  2=.70  3=.80
Having Mommy Talk to The Hand   1=.25  2=.30  3=.40
Having Mommy Talk to The Finger
because the Hand Does Not Care
  1=.40  2=.45  3=.55
Neck Twist with Hair Wave   1=.25 2=.30  3=.40
Pretending Not to Hear   1=.25  2=.30  3=.40
Forgetting Once too many times   1=.25  2=.30  3=.40
Silent Treatment   1=.25  2=.30  3=.40
Rolling of the Eyes   1=.25  2=.30  3=.40
Saying "whatever"   1=.50  2=.55  3=.70
Blaming Her Older Sister   1=.40  2=.45  3=.55

If at the end of each week AmandaScott ends up owing her mother
money the amount will be deducted from her college fund!


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