4th Up Charter Members

There are currently 2 charter members of 4th up---This page will immortalize them.

They will be listed in no specific order.  Presenting this "team" of overachievers in order would have been too exhaustive for the Founders.  As with the "X-Men" each one of these soldiers has a unique talent which qualifies them to sit, or as in this case, sit and sleep on the board.  Submit your photograph to this site and the Founding Members will review the photograph to see if you qualify as a "Charter" member.  If your photograph is selected you will NOT receive an invitation for an interview, NOT be notified by telephone, NOT be notified by email.  In fact the only way you will find out if you have been selected is to refer back to this page.  This action or inaction is taken to safeguard the readiness level of the Founding members.


The above Soldier possesses the ability to sleep through a painful anthrax shot

Shown above not even the effects of a defibulator interrupted this Soldier's dream.

We have 2 examples of photographs that were rejected by the Founders.  If your photograph appears in any way like the ones below you can expect them
to be published to this page but simply not be accepted as demonstrative of the special qualities the Founders are looking for in a Charter Member.


Most Definitely not what the founders want to see!


This soldier shows promise.  A little more maturity and dedication to maintaining his readiness level at all costs and he'll get there.

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