1974 Supercharged "MEDEVAC Blackhawk" themed Camaro

Below are the numbers from 2008

814 Horsepower (2008)
747 Pounds of Torque (2008)
Corvette Z06 / 6-speed Manual Transmission
1/4 mile time of 10.56 at Top Gun Raceway Fallon, NV (2008)
(Elevation 4000 Feet Above Sea Level)

Below is the engine from 2017

 A complete engine rebuild by "Pilcher Automotive Racing" consisting of over 1000 Dynoed horsepower "inhibited" x3 to 730 horsepower / 860lbs torque complete with an electric "Monster Fan" producing over 5500 CFM of cooling power.

Below is a look at the control panel which consists of a 5 step sequence to ignite the engine. If you fail to perform any step in the exact sequence the engine will not fire.

Below is an indication of "All Systems Go" for Engine Start-Up




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