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 December 2008


The Crystal Ball


 To part the clouds that fill my mind
To take me to another place and time
I walk to the mantle hanging on my wall
The mantle where behold lay the crystal ball

I grab the ball and gently nestle it near my heart
Securing it gently but firmly for fear of being torn apart
Separated from the medium that will provide
An endless journey simply by looking inside

 I stare into the orb and immediately decide
The only place for me is at my family�s side
My wife, my children smiling in place
Beaming with love at the sight of my face

Security and happiness returns
The fire in my wife�s heart still burns
It is only then that the day�s concerns wane
For it is I, the loving husband back again

 It is then that I hear a sound
A sound that causes my heart to pound
I open my eyes and look around
Not realizing what I have found

 I immediately looked over at the wall
Searching for the Crystal Ball
The ball is nowhere to be seen
I ask myself, what does it all mean? 

The answer:
The Crystal Ball only exists in my dream

Name withheld by request 


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