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 December 2008


A Calling

Stop working and listen,
there is a faint sound you are missing.
You toil and work all day,
and feel as though you are making no headway.

There is something in the air,
a faint sound that echoes everywhere.
However, there exists a problem.
A problem that only serves to condemn.

Condemning mankind to an illusion.
Forcing us into a life of delusion.
The problem is an unwillingness to hear,
hear a sound we all hold so dear.

For it is we that have decided to serve,
we that have values to protect and preserve.
Preserving the values emplaced by the constitution,
is the only act that provides us restitution.

Compensation for a dedicated life,
a life not void of times of strife.
Strife to us is worth the cost,
worth the cost of preserving the memories of the lost.

We will fight and continue to uphold,
the values and traditions left to us by the old.
Ours elders not forgotten by years past,
our elders rooted in prevailing memories that will last.

Last through the passing of time,
not forgotten by the escalation of crime.
For the memories that were emplaced,
formed a nook never to be replaced.

Replaced by the lures of falling,
falling to the temptations of a different calling.
A calling based on monetary gain,
a gain made by allowing past concerns to wane.

It is we that cannot allow,
the current issues to disembowel.
Absolving us of desires from the past,
desires, which our forefathers wished to last.

It is we that can stand the test of days gone by.
It is we that can dissect the truth from a lie.
Those that have chosen to ignore current issues of the year,
will stop and listen to the sound we hear.

It is we that will realize it is a calling from an earlier time,
a calling that initially appears sublime.
If you are willing to take a moment,
you will take the time to lament.

It is a pure sound of beauty.
It is a resounding call to duty

 What is this sound we hear?

A call to rescue fellow comrades we hold so dear.

Name withheld by request



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